Democrats Must Push ‘Action’ This November

Democratic Party has regularly reported on the GOP’s obstructionist strategy as detrimental to Republicans, particularly moving into November’s midterm elections. While Americans are frustrated with government politicians and especially Congress, recent primary elections in some states showed that an anti-incumbent sentiment among voters may not be the case.

No real national pattern emerged after the votes were tallied, which goes back to a long-established notion: all politics is local. This however may not reflect individual sentiment around political parties such as Democrat vs. Republican, and the Tea Party too. We’ll just have to wait and see on November 2.

Senate Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) has been the leading proponent of the Republican “no” strategy, continually opposing any legislation offered by President Obama and the Democratic-controlled Congress.   Remember healthcare?   Boehner recently went on the attack calling President Obama “childlike” and “making excuses.” It’s clear that Boehner now is in full election mode or has been since the start of the 111th Congress in 2009.  

The fact that Democrats are creating results and actually working will no doubt prove successful in November. Healthcare is a good example, whereas most Americans are in favor of the new reforms, now that the smoke has cleared surrounding the issue. Financial reform is another key concern, passing last week with no Republican votes.

Democrats must push the fact in November that they are doing work to help America and getting results.  What better backdrop than the July 4 holiday to step up this communications strategy, which is probably why President Obama was hoping for Senate passage this week of the House’s financial reform bill.  That may have to come a little later.  Either way, it seems like Democrats are on the right track and should continue to plug away at ‘action’ to win in November.

Van Jones: New Bulldog for the Democratic Party?

Former White House Green Jobs Advoacte Van Jones

Former White House Green Jobs Advoacte Van Jones

Embattled White House energy jobs advocate Van Jones quietly resigned over the Labor Day weekend under intense scrutiny, mostly by GOP leaders and conservative media pundits for his past controversial statements.

Jones, a best-selling author and community organizer from the San Francisco Bay area, came under fire recently when he used a vulgarity to refer to Republicans earlier this year. Jones was criticized for signing a 2004 petition questioning whether President George Bush had allowed the September 2001 terrorist attacks so he could start a war in Iraq. Van Jones also publicly supported death row prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal, who is charged in the murder of a Philadelphia police officer.

Jones has been great fodder for the media. Fox News Channel and syndicated radio talk show host Glenn Beck first started criticizing Jones in July. It got ugly when Glenn called the energy czar a “communist-anarchist radical” and President Obama a “racist” after a 2005 video surfaced of Jones saying “You never seen a Columbine done by a black child.” It’s hard to deny the truth in Jones’ Columbine statement and much of what he said can easily be misconstrued.

Nevertheless, many supporters appreciate Jones’ candidness and resisted his resignation. Did any good come out of Jones’ departure? No doubt Jones was becoming a key distraction to the Obama administration as the president continues to push healthcare reform and revive a failing economy. The White House had no choice but to take the high road and accept Jones’ resignation. The Democrats however need more bulldogs in the ranks to combat the onslaught of “anti-Obama” attacks set by the conservative media.

Can Van Jones be the Democrat equivalent of the GOP’s Pat Buchannan? It would be fun to find out. It remains unclear what the Democrats have in mind but the gloves may be coming off in combating Republican attacks, now that Jones is not linked to the White House.