Welcome to Spinner Nation

Welcome to Spinner Nation, a regular account of how people and organizations are using spin in business, sports, politics, pop culture, health & entertainment, and everything in between. I’ll be looking at who is doing it right, those doing it wrong, and others that shouldn’t be doing it at all. Have fun reading.

About Spinner Nation:
The Internet and cable television have dramatically changed the media landscape.   The 24-hour news cycle and gotcha journalism have impacted the way news gets covered and conversely, the way spokespeople respond to media. SpinnerNation is not a political blog, however it will explore the dynamic of news coverage in all areas of American life including politics, business, pop culture, sports, entertainment, and anything else that may be relevant.  It’s about the spin and its effect on the message and the medium.

About the author:
George Medici
is a seasoned public relations consultant with 20 years of media relations and client service experience across all disciplines and practice areas including corporate, consumer, technology, healthcare and public affairs. An expert strategist on the changing media landscape, particularly the “fusion” between traditional and new media, Medici is a proven turnaround specialist helping startups as well as Fortune 500 organizations build/rebuild profiles within the top-tier national business media. Medici also provides crisis communications counseling and media training for CEOs and key executives.

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