Girls, Spark Plugs and Product Placement

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Think “Charlie’s Angels” meets “Motor Week.”   That’s what watching an episode of “All Girls Garage” on Velocity is like.  Every Sunday three gals educate mostly male viewers on everything from changing spark plugs to replacing brake pads.

It’s all about speed, style and product placement.  These sexy mechanics seamlessly weave in sponsored products.  Whether it’s a new set of rotors or fuel efficient turbo booster, a camera pan or close up on the featured item is soon to follow.

Cast Members of Velocity's "All Girls Garage" on Set

While advertisers scramble to find creative ways of reaching target audiences, product placement done right can be a subtle, yet effective tactic of connecting brands with customers.

It’s no secret that for decades, marketers have been incorporating advertising into film and TV content, more so in recent years as traditional ad strategies continue to waver.

The “plug” must be embedded in the content without appearing to be forced or contrived; otherwise viewers will turn off, literally.  The flip slide also works.  The 1992 hit film “Wayne’s World” has its two main characters, Wayne and Garth, parody a product placement during their cable TV show when Wayne says tongue-in-cheek, “Contract or no, I will not bow to any corporate sponsor,” as he holds up products ranging from Pizza Hut pizza to Pepsi.

The quest for the illusive product placement continues.  Writers these days are pumping out scripts with advertisers in mind, while brands are developing their own content.  What seems to work for “All Girls Garage” is probably because the show’s product placements are just that, products mechanics or do-it-yourselfer’s use when working on autos or trucks.  It can be a pair of pliers, a tool box or even car wax.  Whether viewers take the time to use or review these products remains unclear.   That conversation takes place on the Web, a totally different kind of ad strategy.

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