Democrats Win, Albeit For the Moment

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President Obama Applauds Congress Passage of Healthcare Bill
At the White House, President Obama applauds Congress' passage of landmark healthcare bill

President Barack Obama today signed into law landmark legislation aimed at overhauling America’s healthcare system.  It’s not perfect by any means, but a good start at total reform nonetheless.  Republicans on the other hand, unanimously voted against the bill as expected, and vow to repeal the new law and use its passage against Democrats in this year’s upcoming mid-term elections. predicted months ago that the Republican’s “no” strategy will eventually backfire.  One reason in particular is that Americans want healthcare reform and that most of the changes will not go into effect until several years from now.  Some key reforms however will begin immediately, positively affecting American voters.

The reality is that Democrats accomplished healthcare reform even though Republicans did everything in their power to prevent it.  Unfortunately, the GOP is not stopping there.  Just minutes after President Obama signed the healthcare bill, 13 Republican state attorneys general sued the federal government, claiming that the new law is unconstitutional because of its “individual mandate,” requiring all Americans to have health insurance, similar to motorists carrying automobile liability.

There’s no upside right now for the Republicans to continue this fight against healthcare.  Voters will eventually get tired of hearing about its repeal, especially now that the new law is passed and the Senate is expected to approve more amendments making reform even stronger.  Republicans are in danger of becoming permanently labeled as obstructionists, far more than already perceived at the moment.  The reality is that coming this November, Republicans will have nothing to show for their efforts, except much time wasted fighting a losing battle.

Most Americans today are anti-incumbency rather than anti-Democrat, something Republicans undoubtedly realize.   Democrats however are in power with majorities in both houses of Congress, so their control obviously is in jeopardy, which is what Republicans are banking on.  Democrats need to continue to reform America, because that’s what Americans want.  Republicans still need to find a voice, and the right wing fringe and Tea Party advocates are not it.

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