2012 Brings New Hope for GOP

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Iowa Republicans tomorrow will cast ballots to elect their party’s presidential candidate in the state’s caucuses.  While Iowa’s Electoral College is miniscule to the  general election, the state’s primary has become a launching pad for presidential candidates to build momentum to help win their party’s nomination.

Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) finished third in Iowa’s GOP primary in 2008 but ultimately won the party’s presidential bid.  The rest is history with McCain losing to President Barrack Obama in the general election.

For Republicans, the choosing of a nominee this year may be a difficult task given the depth of candidates seeking the nation’s highest office.  While the GOP rank and file want to elect a more conservative candidate, the party needs a more “centered” nominee to face the president on November 6.

Many political pundits feel former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney may be the best choice, but his Mormonism and less conservative ideals may hurt his chances.

The issue at hand is the economy.  While unemployment has dropped slightly, the GOP feels the economy hasn’t turned around fast enough and that the president has done a poor job of running the country.  Many Americans believe this to be true, but President Obama’s approval ratings have recently improved while the Republican-dominated “do-nothing” Congress continues to hover at record low levels.

It’s too early to tell how the general election will shape out although no GOP candidate at this point seems strong enough to beat Obama.  The president  however may not only have to face his opponent in the 2012 presidential race but Congress as well.  Right now however the focus is on Iowa with tomorrow night possibly pinpointing the Republican frontrunner. 

Both Republicans and even Democrats across the country anxiously are awaiting Iowa’s outcome as much of the national news cycle is centered on tomorrow’s election.  Hopefully the good weather will increase voter turnout and then onto to New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida.  Until then, the GOP may have to wait to rally around their party’s choice to recapture the White House.

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